Landscapes kept at distance - people within are apparently insignificant or far away, a squinting reference to 17th century’s Classical landscapes such as we know from Lorrain, Poussin or the Dutch masters - now turn out to be vistas of a ‘paradi...


snow drift

Sky and earth blend into a single plain of white, where rows of dark green fir recede repeatedly into the winter landscape. The line-up of trees become an artificial horizon tilting in rhythmical recurrence, while the camera is adrift....


kuruma no mawari

When _2001
Where _Musée d'Elysée, Lausanne / Caixa Canarias, La Lagu
The automobile and nature, despite their habitually antagonistic relationship, are joined here symmetrically. The parking lot with a solitary automobile and the idyllic pond are in reality not far from each other, one a stopping point in the visit to...


zen and the art of golf

If you're expecting images of sparkling sand-against-sky thrown in the air by the swing of a club in a bunker, or the august pose of a player following through on his swing, fixing his gaze on the ball in the sky, the right swing so hard to learn, yo...


fukei rensaku

When _2000
Where _Centre de Photographie, Genève
It is strange that photography sometimes shows us the invisible tensions present in things, a kind of intimate palpitation of landscapes and beings. We are sensitized to the fascinating intricacies of contemporary Japan; beneath the surface however, ...